Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 6: LaPorte, IN to Chicago, IL

So, I asked the kids what they liked about visiting Chicago and they pretty much listed everything we did.

Here's Jonah's list:
1. Visiting the Field Museum (the special Pirates exhibit was his favorite--I agree that it was cool).
2. Eating deep dish pizza at the original Pizzeria Uno.
3. Visiting our friend Harris and his family.

Here's Elli's list:
1. Visiting the Field Museum (she says she liked everything she saw--I think she especially enjoyed all the wildlife dioramas).
2. Going to a playground near Grant Park and checking out Millenium Park.
3. She just liked everything (her words).

Other highlights include our view of the Chicago buildings and River from our 30th floor room in the Hyatt Regency and the kids taking their first ever taxi ride (Elli mostly slept through that, though). I think we're all disappointed that we're leaving so soon!

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  1. Can't go wrong with a good diorama!

    Following your trip is making the rain a little les painful........thanks