Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 46: San Francisco, CA

We voyaged down to the Waterfront today on San Francisco's mass transit. We were going to take the cable car, but there must have been a 2 hour wait. We opted for another form of transportation to the Ferry Building for lunch.

After our excellent burgers, the Shepards headed back to their house while the four of us and Charlie ventured on to the Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship at Pier 45. It is one of two WWII Liberty Ships still in existence and since Ron's grandfather served on one during WWII, we were particularly interested in touring it. We all enjoyed it very much, even Elli. The ship still sails, so it has an active crew. A couple of the cabins were even equipped with PC's, giving them an authentic WWII-era feel.

We were all pretty tired from our day out, but all the grown ups managed to rally for dinner and drinks once the babysitter arrived. I'm amazed that we actually had the stamina to stay up until almost 2 am. That's what happens when you're having too much fun!

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