Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 60: Springfield, OR to Sacramento, CA

As usual, packing the car took longer than anticipated this morning, so we quickly bagged the idea of driving all the way to Yosemite today. Instead, Ron spent about an hour searching for a nice hotel in Stockton, CA. As that proved impossible, he set his sights on Sacramento instead and scored big time. We stayed at Le Rivage right on the Sacramento River. All four of us enjoyed soaking in the outdoor hot tub after a long day in the car (and a very long mountain bike ride the previous day for me and Ron). When we got back to the room, we enjoyed more extravagance by having a room service dinner. The height of decadence, though, was the antique-style claw foot soaking tub in the room's enormous bathroom. All four of us took baths that night. The two soaks, plus a hot shower in the morning did wonders on my sore legs. Thanks, Ron, for ignoring my practical, cheap-motel tendencies. The splurge was 100% worthwhile.

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