Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 51: Springfield to the mountain house

Ron and I got an early start this morning to go for a mountain bike ride on the Goodman Trail, although that didn't turn out quite as expected. The trail was a bit slick, so we cut the ride short. My legs were still feeling pretty blown from yesterday's ride, so I wasn't too disappointed by the shorter ride. I could see how the trail would have been a lot of fun if the conditions had been better. Another plus of the shorter ride was we got to the mountain house in plenty of time for the backpackers to head out. Once Ben and Liam arrived, we snapped a few before photos and the five of them piled into their respective cars to drive to the trailhead. Jonah was beside himself with excitement for this trip. Hope it meets his expectations!

Elli, Ron, and I settled in for a relaxing day at the mountain house. Ron attempted to get some work done with spotty internet access while Elli and I watched the new version of The Parent Trap, read a few chapters in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and then watched the original version of The Parent Trap while we ate dinner. After Elli went to bed, Ron and I settled down with our books to cap off a nice relaxing day.

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