Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 50: Springfield

Today was a day of preparation then fun and relaxation. We're all heading up to the mountain house near Willamette Pass for Jonah to go on his first backpacking trip with Mimi, Fred, Ben and Liam. Ron, Elli, and I will just hang out at the house while they camp. So, there was a lot to pack and get ready, especially since we'll be heading to Portland for 4 days afterwards. It's our last short trip before we start the 11 day journey home.

By mid-afternoon, Fred and Mimi had their car loaded with all the backpacking gear and the kids and left to give us a kid-free evening. We decided to go for a mountain bike ride at Spencer Butte in southern Eugene. The ride was tougher than expected, but some good single track made it worth our while. After quick showers, we had burritos at Mucho Gusto in Eugene. If you ever find yourself in Eugene, OR, you have to try this place. Tons of fresh, local ingredients that you get to pick while they assemble the meal right in front of you. We haven't had burritos that good since Frijoleros in Athens, GA circa 1995. To cap off our little trip down memory lane, we got a couple of beers at the Jackalope Lounge in Eugene. The first Total Domination pint went down nice and smooth, but the second was a bit much on top of the burritos. I felt so bloated, I thought Ron would have to roll me out to the car like an Oompa Loompa.

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