Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 47: San Francisco, CA to Crescent City, CA

We were moving a little slowly this morning. The price you pay for too much fun the night before. The kids weren't complaining, though, because it gave them more time to play with each other. Charlie stopped by right before we left, so we squeezed in another short visit. We all really enjoyed getting to spend time with him.

Ron and I were pretty excited about our drive north to the Redwoods, but the kids weren't sharing that excitement. They were pretty nonchalant when we told them we were going to see enormous trees later in the day. I think they just didn't know what to expect because when we got out of the car to hike in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove in the Redwoods National Park, they were sprinting on the path shouting about each of the trees. Elli was particularly giddy and could barely contain her enthusiasm with each tree she could climb inside. Seeing the trees through my kids' eyes made the experience even better than my first visit to the Redwoods in 1993.

The downside of our day was the crappy hotel room we had in Crescent City, CA. At least our dinner was pretty good! More about the hotel room in the next entry...

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