Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 53: The mountain house to Bend

We took a wonderful drive on the Cascade Lakes Highway to Bend today. For about five miles, we were bombarded by millions of black and orange butterflies. When we stopped at a lava flow, we saw a Ford pickup with about a hundred butterfly carcasses on the front grill. There were thousands and thousands of butterflies at the lava flow, too, and it was beautiful standing in the middle of a swarm of butterflies. It's funny how a swarm of butterflies isn't irritating at all like a swarm of mosquitoes or a swarm of bumblebees.

When got to Bend, we had a late lunch at the Deschutes Brewery (good food and beer!) and then checked into a hotel before Ben and Jessica's housewarming/birthday party. We had a very nice time at the party and then headed back to our hotel at a reasonable hour.

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