Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 52: The mountain house

Today was a very lazy day for me and Elli, although that was not entirely our doing. Ron took the car back to Springfield to get some work done and pick up a few things we'd forgotten. He also planned to do a long mountain bike ride, so we were left without a vehicle for the whole day. Elli and I read a couple of more chapters of Harry Potter in the house, on the porch, and in the yard, played some make-believe games, watched the Parent Trap AGAIN and went for a long walk. Ron had been gone for 10 hours at that point and Elli was getting impatient for him to come home (it was kind of sweet, actually). She decided that if we went for a walk, Daddy would be home by the time we got back. When no one was home when we returned to the house (the backpackers were coming home a day early), we kept on going. Luckily, we only walked about 150 feet before Mimi, Fred, and Jonah returned. Ron arrived five minutes later, so everyone was home in time for a big spaghetti supper.

From what I can tell, the backpacking trip was a success. Jonah thought the 4 mile walk was kind of long and tiring and he was disappointed that Mimi and Fred didn't bring hot dogs for dinner OR marshmallows to roast on the fire (I mean, why else do you make a fire when you're camping?), but he declared that he couldn't pick his favorite moment of the trip because it was all fun. I guess all the Monty Python-esque videos he, Liam, and Mimi made at their campsite more than balanced out the little disappointments. I'm sure he'll want to go again!

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