Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 14: Portland, OR

Our first non-traveling day started out pretty leisurely. We relaxed in our jammies for a couple of hours and then took the kids to the pool for a quick pre-lunch swim. I wasn't the least bit tempted since the outdoor temperature wasn't even 70, but I think kids have different pool weather criteria. After lunch, we drove over to Mt. Tabor Park in Portland to meet up with some family friends and my brother, Adam. Mt. Tabor is a dormant volcano right in the middle of Portland. The views would have been spectacular if it had been less hazy, but it was still very pleasant to walk around and watch the kids play on the playground. The best moment of the day came when Adam brought out a carton of raspberries for the kids. He placed it on the picnic table and the 5 kids descended like a swarm of locusts. When they parted 1 minute later, the raspberries were gone. Nice to see that kind of enthusiasm for fresh fruit.

We wrapped up the day with a spaghetti dinner at my mother in law's condo and then Ron, Adam, and I headed out to a bar to meet up with our friends Dani and Chris and Adam's girlfriend, Hannah. Good beer and good company made for a fun night!

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