Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 23: Springfield

Today was the day that I officially began my get back in shape campaign. I was actually able to jog for 15-20 minutes without stopping. I went incredibly slow and I'm sure I looked horrible but at least I'm finally getting started. I even got some more exercise when we rode our bikes a couple of miles to a park for a picnic lunch. I guess the three hours we spent at an indoor pool also counts as exercise. So, a day of rest tomorrow will be well deserved!

I don't think we needed to go anywhere, though, for the kids to have fun. The highlight of their day seemed to be their after-dinner play. It was over 90 degrees, so the three older boys asked if they could spray each other with the front yard hose. Elli got into the action, too, once she finally finished her dinner and there was much squealing, shrieking, and giggling as they took turns spraying each other. No one was safe from the hose. My kids had enormous fun chasing me when I came outside to check on them. Quite a price to pay for being concerned about them. The real fun began after Elli came inside, though. Jonah and Gage discovered a mound of wet yellow chalk and they started smacking each other on the back with handfuls of it. It was all downhill from there. When I came outside about 15 minutes later, Jonah's entire face was purple, Gage's was green, and Connor had artfully painted his face several different colors. All three of their shirts and shorts were covered with multi-colored handprints. They even got little Ian involved in the fun by putting big handprints of chalk on the back of his diaper. All this pandemonium under the watchful eyes of their grandparents. Jonah said it was the best night of his life, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Or maybe I should if nothing we've done with him compares to smearing wet chalk all over his face and clothes.

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