Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 31: Springfield to Coos Bay

We slept in until 10 am today which set back our whole schedule. I had to finish our laundry and then Ron, Jonah, and I drove over to a Little League field for some baseball practice. It was fun and productive (Jonah looked really good at shortstop), but we stayed way too long. By the time we showered, ate lunch, packed, and hit the road to Coos Bay, it was 3 pm, about 2 hours later than we planned on leaving.

It worked out fine, though, because we were able to meet the Hammonds at Unger's Bay, a seafood restaurant on a boat in Winchester Bay. I was afraid the swaying of the boat was going to wreak havoc on my digestive tract, but I felt fine once I started eating. Turns out I shouldn't have been worrying about my digestive system. Jonah was playing Wii baseball with Gage back at the Hammonds when he suddenly ran to the bathroom to throw up, which he continued to do for the next couple of hours. Ron's intestinal issues had re-surfaced after dinner, too, so I had two sickies on my hands. To top things off, Ian started running a fever of 102. Not sure what this weekend is going to have in store for all of us...

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