Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 27: Springfield

Today Jonah and I played tennis just the two of us. He'd been itching to try and hit hard with me since we arrived in Oregon. He did really well and it's a shame he couldn't play in the North Adams tournaments this summer. He'll get a chance next year.

After Ron's mountain bike ride about 20 miles outside of Eugene, we all went back to Amazon Pool. It was just as crowded on this Monday afternoon as it was on Friday, but it was still fun. The highlight of the visit was Jonah's jump off the 6 meter platform. He looked terrified but he did it! Certainly braver than I am.

Our next stop was dinner at Hop Valley Brewery to enjoy their all day Happy Hour, $2.50 pints of their brews all day long. All the grown-ups enjoyed 3 pints since we were walking (we found out later that Fred and Mimi had already stopped for one on their way home from the pool!). Elli had her fill of drawing throughout the meal and Jonah got caught up on MLB coverage. A very pleasant evening for all.

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