Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 21: Springfield

With this post, I am officially caught up with my travel blog. If I wasn't so hell bent on documenting our trip, I would've given up on this thing two weeks ago. Making myself write every day is hard. Not sure how I'm going to do on my sabbatical since writing is pretty much my sabbatical project. I suppose this blog will help me get into writing shape, right? Maybe?

Anyway, we ventured to another park today in pursuit of Ron's quest for a decent Little League field. He remains unfulfilled, but there was a serviceable field for hitting grounders to Jonah and Gage. They both did well and I think Jonah's skills had time to consolidate without daily practice on our trip. He looks smooth fielding the ball and seems to have lost his fear of being hit. Not sure how that happened with riding in the car and playing video games for 9 days straight. Go figure.

We also played some tennis at the park and my nephews, Connor and Gage, discovered that they enjoy the sport. We'll have to try and play again before they all leave on Saturday.

Mimi treated the kids to a movie night by renting Madagascar 2, so we had a relatively quiet evening. With 5 kids age 2-10 in the house, the emphasis is clearly on the "relatively" in that sentence, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Now we have to come up with something fun to do out of the house tomorrow morning so that Fred can sleep after his fourth night of work at the sleep lab. We'll see how that goes...

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