Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 18: Portland

Today was Mike (a friend from college) and Danielle's wedding on Sauvie Island in Portland. The weather was a little overcast and cool for the ceremony, but it certainly didn't distract from the simple beauty and poignancy of the short service. Although the wine bottles were uncorked and the kegs tapped before the service began, serious celebration began after the "I do's" as the sun worked its way out from behind the clouds. I resisted temptation to begin drinking before noon and slowly sipped a lemonade or two until my hangover officially disappeared. Then I set to work on acquiring a new one.

It was one of the most relaxed weddings I've been to with folks playing bocce ball and corn hole in the sun while kids ran around chasing bubbles and model airplanes. Ron and I even enjoyed a hammock in the middle of an apple and pear orchard for almost too long. At about 4 o'clock the reception wound down and we waited our turn for the shuttle to the after party at the bride and groom's house. This second wedding party lasted as long as the reception and was just as laid back and fun.

After a couple of hours at the after party, we realized our designated driver plan wasn't working out, so Adam, Hannah, Ron, and I took a cab back to Adam's place via his favorite donut joint. The cabbie didn't mind the detour since the meter was ticking and Adam bought him a donut, too. I guess I shouldn't complain because all the sugar, grease, and lard probably helped soak up all the alcohol in my system and prevented a hangover the next day. It's fun to act 22 every now and then.

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